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  1. 1820,1830 are bad frequencies in NA due to BCB birdies. Much better to use 1/2 freq such as 1820.5, 1821.5, 1822.5, 1823.5 etc etc.

    Many NA need E44 on CW… We hope you try hard for us and good luck to all.



  2. Bonjour a tous

    merci a tous pour vos encouragements et pour votre aide a la réussite de notre XP
    Nous allons essayer de faire un bon boulot sur l’air et vous donner E4 sur plusieurs bandes et plusieurs modes.
    Je vous souhaite bonne chance et a bientôt dans le pile up de E44CC
    73 et 88
    Frank F4AJQ leader E44CC


  3. Bonjour a tous,
    E44CC contacter sur 20m seulement pour le moment!!!!
    bonne continuation en espérant vous contacter sur d’autres bandes…..
    bonjour a MAURICE ET FRANK.
    73 DE F4GDO JOHN DPT72………..


  4. Hi Guys, well doing a great job on transmit even though I have only 1 QSO from far reaches of Australia. Everything rare not easy from here. I live in a noisy city and have tried BOG, loop, k9AY loop, short bev, short vertical, etc. Best I have found so far is my horizontal dipole for 40m for RX on 80m and 160m with a pre-amp. Tough because the pre-amp will be wide open in your multi-tx environment. But try to RX with short horizontal antenna on top of your roof and very good balun and feed line chokes to limit pick-up from vertical runs of coax. 2nd best RX I have used is a loop as you said you are using. I use a square loop about 6-8ft per side and very very simple with a 9:1 balun at feed point (at top or bottom, not side). Again, lots of chokes on feedline to get rid of braid feedline pick-up. simple hook-up wire is fine, no need for coax braid cut style. You have been good signals into VK but very hard to crack EU pileups… they are so close. Hope to catch up with the team again for another dinner after Dayton, more K3LR style chicken and black tee shirts!! Safe travels, de Tony VK3TZ, Hope to get a few more QSOs.. Come ON Sunspots.


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